When watering succulents or cacti in pots without drainage the most important things to keep in mind are to apply the water in a controlled manner and allow the soil to dry out in between the waterings. We prefer the spray bottle method of watering with the nozzle set on the stream setting.  Aim the water around the base of the succulent and on the top of the soil or rocks.  Apply enough water so that roots can soak up the moisture but not so much that the roots would be sitting in water.  Just to be clear we are not recommending to spritz or spray your plants.  Spraying or misting the succulent or cacti plant is actually not helping the plant in any way, the goal is to direct the water towards the roots or base of the plant.  

Generally we recommend once every 10-14 day watering cycle for succulents and once every 14-30 days for cacti. These recommendations can vary depending on the sunlight situation and pot depth. The more sun and shallower pot may require and increased frequency where as a deeper pot and lower light situation would require a longer time in between watering. If you have more sun or a shallower pot you may want to increase the frequency between watering whereas a deeper pot or a lower light situation would require you to water less often.